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All the shit you’re too scared to ask your MD!

What is Ask The NP?

Doesn’t matter what your question is about health, you are gonna get a clear, easy-to-understand, no bullshit answer from me. We ALL have shit we are too scared to ask our MD, and guess what – now you don’t have to be scared. NP stands for Nurse Practitioner, part of the most trusted profession in ‘Murica. So take the brains of a doctor, heart of a nurse, a scoop of no-nonsense, and a dash of humor… you get the one-stop-shop online where you ask all that shit you’re too scared to ask your MD! I promise to keep it casual, keep it real and keep it all about YOU!

A special pride message for my LGBTQ and ally family! (Rated-R)

James Simmons

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